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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
And no ur wrong the one you quote as 10%
i will ask you not to say i am wrong when i know i am right. this figure is quoted from the Central Statistics Office of Ireland and to be honest i couldnt give a fiddlers fuck what wikipedia says, i am using the figure that the independant Irish state body is using, thank you very much.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
Personaly i don't really like the "how i was raised argument" because I do believe ppl can change there views in light of new facts.
oh yes people can change, i had to. i had realise and come to terms with my own sexuality and realise there is nothing wrong with it at all. my views on the church to change so i know very well that peoples views can change.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
-the closest thing there is is a polygamist union
bullshit. by you saying that you are implying that hetrosexual relationships are the best and that homosexual relationships are therefore are of a lesser standing.

please stop comparing and making arguements for polygamy because it has absolutly nothing to do with same sex marraiges, of which this thread is about. if you want to discuss polygamy be my guest and make a new thread. but i agree with Dante
Originally Posted by Se7en
How dare you compare Gay marriage to Polygamy.
you just should not do it.

honestly i dont know why i argue this all the time, because when it comes to sexuality i people are either for it or against, and with this there is very rarely changing minds. i just find it sad that there are still people who wont accept people for who they are.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
Even if 100% of peoplpe are doing somethign wrong it can still be wrong.
now from that i am reading that you find homosexuality wrong, and if that is the case i have to say i pity you. i pity the fact that you are so narrowminded.

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