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Default Re: Don't know what to do

Originally Posted by BP_Saladin
Wow. Did this not come across as a mental breakdown? Is that why only one person responded? All I was bitching about was how no one cares how rotten my cards were, not even my friends or family. Why not reach out? I puored my soul out when I was feeling weak, looking for support, and only one person out of 30 (view count - so it's not exact. meh) felt the compassion to be there for me? That's kind of rotten.

I think most people just didn't know what to say. Better they say nothing than saying something that would push you over the edge.

Believe me, I'm trying to get an apartment myself and will need a little help to pay the bills. I don't have a job but I'm a pretty good artist. The government has programs for people like me and you. Don't waste them, make them pay for your way cause thats what the programs are designed for.

Besides, the government will collect taxes from you for the rest of your life so its not a hand out.


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