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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

How dare you compare Gay marriage to Polygamy. You act like being gay is wrong, it isnt...If you ever talked to someone who is gay, you would clearly know that it isnt a choice for them, but with polygamy it is.

This country talks about seperation of church and state, but banning gay marriage is aa clear violation of that.

People wake up, the sanctity of marriage is almost destroyed. We have people in relationships cheating on one another, stealing from one another....there is hardly anymore trust. THAT IS WHY THE DIVORCE RATE IS 57%.....57%........From that percentage are heterosexuals preserving marriage, with a percentage like that, straight people shouldnt have the right to say who can or cannot get married.

Now people do get married for love, but things change.

and that whole argument about gays cant have children....gays might not be able to procreate with one another, but there are other ways of getting children....a little thing called adoption...So what happens if they adopt a child together?? Does the child not have the right to be protected by its parents???

We talk about America the lad of oppurtunity and the free...but we are so discrimatory against people who are different from the social happened with race and now it is happening with Sexuality.

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