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may i make a point about Switzerland, they have low crime and wouldnt have incidents of using guns because the majority of them are trained very well to use guns. Switzerland have a militia and therefore most Swiss males undergo army training and know how to use a firearm and use it properly. they also hang on to their weapon until their service is done which is about the age of 42 i believe.

now i am going to use the example of my country, Ireland. we have very tight gun control, basically the only people that are allowed to use a gun (like a handgun) are, the army, the police (only the armed unit and detectives are allowed carry firearms in the police). when a private citien wants to buy a gun (shotgun) they generally have to be a farmer, so as to protect their land from foxes et cetra.

now because we have a good gun control we also have very low rates of crime. i believe that if everyone has guns and dont know how to use them then people will inevitably get killed.

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