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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

ok i feel the way about polygamy becasue at the heart of it i am a catholic. and i have been brought up and thought that a marraige is between two people and two people only, like i believe most other people have. i believe it is a thing to be used when two people love each other so much they want to share their whole life together. now call me hypocritical all you want, but that is my view on marraige, because i was raised that way.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
PS check your facts, 10% is more of a saying
i always do. 10% is the figure that has been used by the Irish News Service, RTÉ, in quoting the Central Statistics Office. of course it only refers to Ireland.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
but there are some differneces between women, balcks, and gay unions.
One can't chose to be black, female, of gay, BUT one can chose to be in a homosexual relation ship
i can not help but laugh at how much you sound like the Catholic Church. so if someone is gay they should just stay away from having a relatioship with anyone? why because its "unnatural? but whats unnatural about falling in love with someone and wanting to be with them. but i hope that you are not insinuating by that arguement that being homosexual is a choice? because trust me on this no one would choose to be gay, just like you didnt wake up one morning and say "dam i think i am going to be str8"

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