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Default Re: Global Warming Debate

First off I would like to point out a couple of things
-I do support not polluting, no one is ever going to argue that polution is good
-While polution is bad, bringing the current economy to a "carbon emission holt" would be much worse than maybe waiting a decade or so inorder to develope new technologies that are cleaner.
-oil will run out, and when we start using hydrogen, corn oil or w/e ppl won't have to be pushed in to the new cars as horse riders weren't pushed into cars.
-there is very little reliable data relating to the average temperature of the earth from anywhere over 300 years ago.
-The "hockey stick graph" has been questioned and there have been little awnsers. please try and point to something else. I can't remember who but some congressman is currently trying to get a real probe into the validity of that specific graph.
-I have personaly looked at the results form many differnet computer models and they have come out with vastly different outcomes. for 1 to 6 degrees of differnce. They can't even agree if the effect of carbon dioxide (the main gass in question) is logritmic (diminishing returns) linear (straight line) or exponential (increasing returns) this is frankly sad.
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