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I've noticed this thread on the list and it being constantly debated and the persons posting change between redcar and cmpcmp. Now, this debate is obviously a hot debate, and I know I really shouldn't butt-in, but I feel like I have to in order to learn.

So, I'm going to start off with introducing myself. Hello, cmpcmp, I am Donnie. I am a proud gay human, and came out at age 12 to my mom. I am now 13 and have participated in my state's gay pride parade. How are you? :-)

Now, I would get out my Mediator face, (such as your "new" face and redcar's "Global Moderator" face), but I do not have it, since it was lost in a transfer. I would put this face in my signature to replace the "FBI" face, showing that I am of neutral beliefs and will try to balance out my opinions, so I will not take or look like I am taking a specific side. I must remind you that I try to make all my posts, including ones in the Debate/Daily Chronical forums of a nicer nature. I do not want to make any enimies.

Now, may I first start off, cmpcmp, are you a polygmist (pardon my spelling)? I belive you are arguing for it to be legal, correct? Please feel free to correct me

My belief on polygamy is this:
I belive that people should and might be able to have a 3-way marrige. It might help bring in money. Of course, all applicants must be legal age; or in my opinion 18 or so. Now, say that there were two men and one woman. This might cut down on stress, such as a man would go to work, and the other man and woman would clean up around the house. Then the man would come home and have sexual relations with the woman. So on and so forth.

This can be made into a veriety of ways. However, if you are behind polygamy, may I ask why you belive in the 2 men and 1 woman marrige and not just the 2 men marrige?

Now, if this said couple would deside to have a three-som, I wouldn't mind. Simply because they would probably not tell me about it and sex is a private relation that shouldn't be worried about because it is really none of your concern.

Same-sex marrige:
Again, as the question and statements above, why would you be against 2 men but not 2 men and one woman marrige, and why would you be worried about private sexual relations?

I have to tell you and redcar, heck everyone who is actually reading this something: I do not want to get married.

Now, this does not mean that I am against gay marrige; I really do want rights for it so other gay citizens can marry. I have also heard alot on the bible about marrige, and know that it is under the sanctity of the bible and YOUR god. (This is also why I do not capitalize the word god).

I belive that a gay couple or lesbian couple should be able to marry. I may not want to, because I have no religion and am a sort of agnostic. I personally do not really want to think about a divine power. But for those gay people who do, I want them to DEFINATLY have a right.

NOTE: I just relised you posted again while writing this. Unfortunatly, I cannot address those issues as I'll probably have to re-write this again.

Gay people should-- have the right to marry, in that it is not your decision to tell them they cannot. It's-- a very touchy issue at best. I am not sure how to word this. The bible states that marrige should be between a man and a woman, and that thou shalt not sodomise. However, the sodomy issue could go for straight couples as well. From what I have heard, many straight men like to preform anal sex. And, for lesbians, there really is no anal sex.

So, I keep thinking to myself, is it gay marrige that is not trusted or gay/lesbian marrige? I also belive that straight men like lesbian porn, and always joke around about how they like lesbians but hate gay men. (I belive the reason for this is simply that, straight men are not attracted to gay sex but are lesbian sex. This puts a mark for womans rights. Are straight men using women (including lesbian women) as more of some toy, or video to watch rather than actual people?

Gay men should be respected more. Have you noticed that still today, men (or at the very least) straight men are up on the high chair, and it is always a man as president of the United States? Men overall seem to be respected, although gay men arn't respected by straight men. This puts them on the bottom of the womans list, too.

Now, I remember reading something in this thread about baseball. I know redcar (or Alex) let go of that topic for obvious reasons, or as he stated that it does not relate to marrige at all. I agree with this. We are not taking away anything if we have two men instead of a man and a woman, unlike taking away a baseball bat. Without this, you cannot hit the ball. Can you please emphisize on how this relates to gay marrige rights?

In this post, I stated that I do not want to marry. I don't know what I want, but I really want a good relationship with fair rights, such as being respected, not marrige rights. Also, the thought of insurance policies as well.

I feel that the Christian society is pushing it's religion on me, or other gay people. I belive that this is one of the first things that should stop. No one likes to be pressured, or at least most. I belive that someone I know would relate this to something else.
Originally Posted by Unknown Person, might even be a group of some-sort. It feels like it has a mirroring effect;
Yeah don't press your beliefs of religion on me. Pressing your beliefs on me and telling me that I should convert is just like asking me to try a new ice cream flavor.
Now, how does a entire religion relate to chocolate vs. vanilla ice cream? A religion is huge and has a set of orthodox views, or a set of rules and beliefs. A ice cream flavor is just a flavor, something you might want to try and that people don't go to Church for "Rocky Road" and pray to the Blue Bunny =\

I think that religion is too pressed on people, and that prevents them of some of the rights that everybody should have. Remember, not everybody is a Chrisitian/Catholic/Muslim ect.

An argument to this might be democracy; in that the majority rules. This is a very hard thing to accomplish with beliefs.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
Having sex with children, gay sex, sex with animals, and sex with more than two people is all moraly wrong.
The thing is, as states previously, I belive that it is personal and shouldn't be worried about (the gay sex and threesoms). Having sex with children is wrong in my opinion, as they can be easily overpowered and forced against their will. An adult can hurt them. Bestiality is not-- good in my opinion for the same reason, and both are to young or overall do not understand what is going on.

I think that covers it, so please do not attack me, as I want to make friends here, and overall in the world do not want to make many enimies.
P.S.: I can't reply again tonight since it is 12:33 AM on my end
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