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Default Re: maybe my friends were right.. maybe it is OCD after all.

Originally Posted by Enterprise View Post
It could be OCD. Are there any other things you do?
as in ritual type things?

i have this obsession with having to have a shower at 9:30pm, if that counts, if i dont, it doesnt feel right.
when i used to have to wash up, i'd wash everything twice.
same with washing my hands, i do it twice.
probably something to do with having to do things an even number of times, which also has to be a multiple of two, including taking tablets etc.
oh, thats another weird one now i come to think of it, probably doesnt mean anything, but when i'm on my laptop, my programs have to be opened in a certain order (iTunes, MSN, firefox/whatever else).

hm.. that's all i can think of at the moment.

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