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Default Re: Israel the Burden?!

Originally Posted by Latino_Teen
Ok i just want to say something
Israel is typically a jewish country and the land they have used to be shared by Muslims and Jews but idk something happened everyone got greedy and all that. the land is holy fo all 3 major religions: Islam,Jewish,Christians. Jews in Israel think the whole land belongs to them and dont want to give some of it up to the Muslims in Palestine. I think that since it used to belong to everyone it should be like the Vatican( not really a country but a holy land for those 3 religions.) I want to go there somewhere because i am Catholic and there are where alot of events in the New Testament took place. What i dont like si that most of the Islamic countries are run( not politically run but you know what i Mean) by terrorist who think that they are doing the qwork of Allah(their god).Islam's share alot of believes from the Christians such as the believe that Jesus was a prophet. so thats what it hink instead of bombing or fighting they shopuld declare it like a Holy country where everyone is free to visit their Holy sites with no harrasment or anything like that if this is off-topic i dont care im just expressing my point of view.

umm Christians believe that jesus was the son of god, not a prophet and to alex. Yea Israel has had it bad, but it is 2006 and they have to care, they can't just declare war over 2 kidnapped soldiers. see it is one thing to react, but to overdo, that is the problem.

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