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please dont think i am offended cuz i am not! as i wont be! and the teapot story was cool to read but there is some proof to God. do you know about the ten plauges of egypt that God put forth on them when the pharaoh would not release the hebrews? well thats not just taught as a bible story it is in egyptian history, these ten plauges did happen according to both the egyptians and the hebrews. and you probably could put science behind those plauges ( and i am sure someone has) but its weird how thay happend to the egyptians at the same time a mans God wanted his people to be set free! and so we all know, i will not get mad at anything posted on here against me or my religion. i just like to debate. and i dont see why a person would get mad on here seeing how this is what a page like this is meant for! and about the how did God start or come into existence and this is hard for any one to understand! but the bible would answer that as God always was and always will be. im not sure how to explain it other then there are some things that we are not meant to understand!
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