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Default Re: Puberty Surveys

2. Your Age: 15
3. Str8, gay, or bi?: Straight.
4. Your boob size: 36C
5. Are you satisfied with your boob size?: Yeah.
6. What would you say average size is?: 34/36B.
7. Amount of Pubic Hair?: Enough.
8. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: No.
9. Do you shave or wax your pubes?: Shave once in a while.
10. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: Not really...
11. Do you wear bikinis, thongs or what?: Bikinis. I don't care what people say, thongs aren't comfortable.

12. SEX
13. Would you show your boobs If a guy asked you to?: If I love the guy, yeah, I guess...
14. Do you have a boyfriend?: Yes. <3
15. Do you want one?: See above. I don't have to want one, I have one.
16. Have you kissed someone?: Yeah.
17. Have you had sex with someone?: No.
18. Did you enjoy it?: N/A
19. Oral sex?: No.
20. Anal sex?: No.
21. What other kinds?: None.

23. Do You masturbate?: Yeah...
24. How often?: Whenever I can when I have alone time.
25. Do you orgasm?: Yeah.
26. Do you do it often?: Yeah.

27. PORN
28. Do you look at porn?: Sometimes...
29. If so, what types?: Hentai.
30. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: Nah.
31. Do you masturbate while looking at porn?: ... maybe. Who wants to know?

33. Do you take showers or baths?: Showers, usually.
34. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: Once in a long while.
35. Do you compare boob sizes to friends?: Not really, although one time one of my friends asked me what my cup size was... that was rather weird.
36. Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends?: By friends, oh probably. By friends, no.
37. Do your parents give you birth control?: No.
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