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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

from your stance i am going to say you are str8?

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
My question is how is it that the "rules" so to speak can be changed for homosexuals but not for any body else, why is it that they get their own special eception?
the "rules" as you put is are only being made fair. i am a person, and i am no different to anybody else on this planet with the one exception that along with 1 in 10 i am sexually attracted to people of my own sex, i.e. i'm gay.

now the whole point of this wanting of gay marraige is a lot to do with just being equal. being gay is not a pleasant thing. like if you are gay in Saudi Arabia you can face the death penalty. its all about being recognised as being equal. i personally have absolutly no intention of getting married, but i want to able to marry if i so choose. i want to be equal. women fought to get the vote, now they are seen as equal to men, as it should be. black people fought to be treated the same as white people, now they are equal, as it should be. now gay people are fighting to be treated equally as str8 people, and we will win, so if you dont like it you better prepare yourself, because it is inevitable.

i am not going to get into a debate over polygamy, because this debate is about same sex unions. and quiet frankly i am not a polygamist, i'm homosexual and i am going to fight for my own rights.

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