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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

please try and keep in mind what my belif is.
IF some one wants a union between any one, with the same protections of marrige, then they CAN do it, wether it be gay, more than 2 or w/e.

In this i don't oppose gay marrige or polygamy either (leagally) but as a moral issue I do (but thats not waht is being discussed), but since it doesn't hurt me I can't tell you what to do because (US and ireland) are free countries.

to respond to your old married couple thing i say, yes it is a mockery of "traditional marrige" where the point is to make a family with children. BUt they can form a "union" of sorts.

-So you do oppose the creation of a "union" between more than 3 ppl.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
SO would you vote to make gay unions a possibility but polygamyh not a possibility?
in a word, yes.
My question is how is it that the "rules" so to speak can be changed for homosexuals but not for any body else, why is it that they get their own special eception? I still hold this.
Polygamist union
-it is possible for ppl to love more than one person. (ie i dont have to chose wether I "love"(not sexual) my mom or dad, because i can love them both at the same time. As is true sexualy, ppl can love more than one other person at the same time. SO not being able to love 2 ppl at the same time isn't a problem.
-Having a "Union" of more than 2 people doesn't hurt any one
so then y do u oppose it? i read your posts and you dont give any reasons other than that it is a mockery to the institution of "marrige" but they dont have to have it BE marrige just somethign that affords limilar rules and stuff.

As far as the old ppl again. I dont think the the state should get to decide what is "traditional marrige" and what isn't. the idea of marrige sanctioned by the state as anythign other than a contract between ppl(s) i think is wrong. If you want to put "tradition" around it thats your call, other than holidays I dont think that the government needs to be involved in sanctioning tradition.

SO please give me some good argument against polygamy, that can't be used against "gay unions" in th esame way.
Such as: Its not tradition, its gross, un natural,

I Dont think that the law should dictate tradition, DO you?
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