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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

i am not going to respond to the whole baseball analogy because i do not believe it is comparable to marraige.

but this interests me...
Originally Posted by cmpcmp
My point is that if the concept isn't unchangeable, if you can change it and not hurt anybody it has to be made so
how does gay marraige hurt anyone? and not bleieve being able to conceive something that hurts anyone.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
IF you know that your sterlile and are married then you can't fufill the point of "old marrige" which was to have children so then you really are making a mockery of "old marrige" just as civilunions, polygamy, and all the like do.
what about say a couple who get married when they are 60. they have a very very low chance of being able to conceive (its practically nil) so do they make a mockery? so do you think that not only marraige be kept only for men and women, and people who are able to have children, should we also confine it to age while we are at it? how about interracial? and how about keeping marraige only for those of the same religion?

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
SO would you vote to make gay unions a possibility but polygamyh not a possibility?
in a word, yes.

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