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Post Re: Goin on a fast.....well..trying..

Yah I know what your saying, but i personally feel (like for me) that i want to be thin, i dont want to get a boyfriend who likes me for me (bein fat), and i kno the guy that i like, likes me for my personality, and i see where hes coming from...i know it sounds pathetic that im just trying to lose weight for a guy, but hes not just any guy, he THE guy for me, and i really really like him, and even if things didnt work out between us, id know that its him, cuz there would be nothing else wrong with me. i dont want to be pin thin, just way skinny--er
right now so far i havent eaten anything today..its 3:06, i guess im doin good but i wont know how long ill be able to do this for until a day or so cuz thats when i feel diff.
thanks for the help
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