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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Empti

OK first of all North Korea is (under current rule) a very bad place.
Its leaders have put together a huge army that rivals (in #) the USA
I would like to point out that they have no way of getting their army accross the pacific. While having over 700,000 troops in a country of 23,000,000 ppl
the pesants are starving under the brutal dictator ship. North Korea has repetedly promised to end its missile program, along with other things, (like counterfeiting millions of dollars in US money every year) Under previos presidents like clinton.
So here's what were left with
-make promises
-dont keep promises
-starves own ppl
-has 700,000 troops (similar to american #, but us population is 300,000,000)
-very unstable country
-will (and have) sold illegal technology for money

After all of this what is one to do if they say "hey let us make a nuke, then a intercontanental balistic missile to get it to you rlargest city" that we can't let happen. Also becasue the DEMS have been stalling the missile defence program for so long we can't say for sure that if they did launch a nuke that we would be able to shoot it down. GOOD job guys.

SO what do you think should happen? let probly the most evil dictator today get a nuke and means to launch it to anywhere in the world?

Me personaly i say we tell them let your inspectors in to see if you are keeping your prommises. IF telll us to go fuck ourselves (which they have) then we hit there missile sites with tomahawk missiles every time they amke a new one.

and also you can't have it both ways, u can't say bush should have had miltilateral talks with iraq, then say that WE MUST have one on one talks w/ korea. Criticize bush as unilateral and them say that we need to have one on one talks. Just dint be stupid.
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