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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

please dont set down parameters of which i must confine my arguement thank you very much. and i will also ask you not to double post, edit your post to add more information.

now i see marraige as a union between two people, and when i say two people, it means two people of any race, gender, religion et cetra. to me a marraige consisting of three or more people is not a marraige.

now you argue that having people who cant have babies in a marraige is a mockery? what happens in the case of three people, say two men and a woman, well the woman would be the mother and one of the men would be the father. so what happens the other man? is he just a spare?

lets devolop this a little further based on your previous point...

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
In my opinion having ppl that can't have babbies (together) is a mockery more so than more than two ppl.
so what about couples who are sterile? they cant have babies, so are they a mockery? some men or women are just unable to have babies through and that is just how it is, just like homosexuality, its just how it is.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
cuz i hate to hava to break it to you but gay marrige isn't exactly an american tradition.
and you assume i am American? you must because you talk about American tradition. i'm Irish and very proud.

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