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The reson that I bring this up is after lots of thinking i couldn't find any paralell issues to this one, the closest thing is definitly polygamy. Interestingly enough most ppl i talk to about it will justify gay marrige with something like
"now since gays are people too and when they love each other, there is nothing wrong with them expressing their love."
gay marriage should be legal everywhere, marriage is about Love, not Gender, Age, Religion or any of that other crap
but when i ask them about polygamy all they can say is that its not "right" or that its gross, no arguments that really work according to their previous arguments.

I would apreciate it if some one could tell me why polygamy shouldn't be able to be married, but gays should.

BTW, I have my own theory of why ppl want one and not the other

to marry three or more people would make a mockery of the institution of marraige, marraige is about loving so much you want to spend your life with them and them alone.
IF "old marrige" is no longer an institution set in stone why do you get to change just one part of it?

From your quote it looks like you dont support 2+ ppl being married, but i could be wrong
SO GIVE ME a good awnser, if u could vote, and there was a vote on it, would you make polygamy a possibility in marrige?

AND DONT YOU go telling me that it makes a mockery of the "INSTITUTION" thats redicules, In my opinion having ppl that can't have babbies (together) is a mockery more so than more than two ppl.

Make an argument that isn't saying
-its not "right" just because you say so
-it is grosss
-it isn't practiced or its a "mockery"
-or that you just dont want it.

make me a good argument that isn't based on just that it kills our tradition, cuz i hate to hava to break it to you but gay marrige isn't exactly an american tradition.

also please tell me where you stand on the issue if you post here

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