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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

So, a woman had 3 daughters, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. On their eighteenth birthdays, the woman told them to go to a special hill, and jump at the top and say one thing that they want to be, and it would happen. so, on the brunette's birthday, she goes to the hill, jumps, and says that she wants to be a movie star. When she touches the ground, she's instantly a movie star and surrounded by paparazzi. then it was the read-head's birthday and she went to the hill, jump and said that she wanted to be a billionare businesswoman with an incredibly sexy boyfriend, and when she touches down, she is immediately escorted into her rolls royce by her boyfriend. then it was the blonde's birthday, and she went to the hill, and she was about to jump, but she tripped, and yelled "CRAP", and she instantly turned into an enourmous pile of shit.

Advise isn't my specialty... would a sarcastic, quite possibly sadistic, comment do the job?

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