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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

Your point is valid, so anyone over 18.

but as you said

The question i ask is, would you support marriges of more than two people?
"now since gays are people too and when they love each other, there is nothing wrong with them expressing their love."
from YOUR quote I could say gays are people since love isn't something that can only exist between two ppl i quote
"there is nothing wrong with them expressing there love"

Also if you looked at my position I was for is being created, like other things, but still think that it is wrong

IF you would please awnser my question of wether you support marriges of more than two people.

I would like someone to make an argument against polygamy, but as Ravenous said
gay marriage should be legal everywhere, marriage is about Love, not Gender, Age, Religion or any of that other crap
is "any of that other crap", does it include more than 2 people?"

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