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im 5'9 and about 160 but im 90% sure im nto over weight, i know this becuse of my body fat % , im about 9-12% now but at wrstling season im about 7.5

the best way to loose weight is excersuze! im not talking about once a week, like every single day. eat healthy, im pritty sure its gonna be hard for a teenage guy to eat ehalthy becuse i cant do it, so main thing to do is excersize ALOT and ull go down in weight for sure everyone else siad no worrys itll grow over time

live fast
die young
have a good looking courpse

dont question by them-me ...still thinking it throu so its like a work in progress and im giving u guys and gals a taste of what i can come up with

set ur mind to it...push ur muscles to the limit...and ur heart will find the glory- also me :$...not very good but i try
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