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Default Re: Israel the Burden?!

Islamists hate Freedom EVERY where, europe (britian) america, canada, israel and everywhere. BUT they only attack places that they can kind of get sympaty for.
Britan--Iraq war
Israel--THe palastinian land war
and so on, Remember CRAZIES arent dumb, just CRAZY
Bin Laden is often in videos criticizing bush decisions and trying to make anything that he does seem wrong.
-The crazy islamists know that they can't beat the US in anything, so they are trying to degrade our foundation in hopes that we will crumble and fall.
Sadly this ios working as every time we do anything to combat terorism the citizens of the US hate it more and more
after iraq and afganistan bush rating droped huge, also they are trying to, I believe provoke israel inorder for it too look like isreal is attacking them.
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