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Question Goin on a fast.....well..trying..

OK well im going on a fast im gonna TRY to do it for a week but i doubt ill be able to the last time i did it i got by at 2 and a half days, then i was gettin really bad pains, but unlike alot of ppl on here i am not underweight or even a normal weight, i am OVERweight, so i think my body could stand this, but the thing is, is that i get bored easily, and when i get bored.i eat. and i ahve always had a problem with weight my whole life im way over 200 pound, and im really trying to do this,cuz i really like this guy, and he likes me and all but, ya kno how it is, no one wants a fat girl..but yah lets just say i need to lose 150 pounds, i kno i kno, i cant even remeber gettin like this..but n e ways I NEED HELP...i drink alot of jusice when i fast and water and n e other liquid except not sure if it even helps....any suggestions???
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