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My opinion clarified.
I belive that

--Having sex with children, gay sex, sex with animals, and sex with more than two people is all moraly wrong.
--but only sex with children can be easily made illegal and should be becase children aren't qualified to make that desision. + it is wrong
--gay sex and 3+ ppl sex shouldn't be illegal but i do think that it is wrong.
==something is only wrong if you actively do it
--being atracted to the same sex isn't wrong in any way
--being attracted to the color blue isn't wrong in anyway.
==Your actions can be wrong. but feelings can't be, you cant be held acountable for your feelings
--wanting to kill some one isn't wrong
--killing some one is wrong
--gay sex is wrong (but is and should be llegal)

In my personal opinion if any one wants to sign a contract with another person they should be able to do so. whether they be str8, gay, or polygamist. I CANT TELL U WHAT IS WRONG BUT I CAN THINK AND SAY, PROTEST, WHAT YOU DO. it is my right as an american as it is your right to do what you are doing.

TO close any one can sign a contract, and you should be alowed to, but it shouldn't be marrige, You can create what ever ceremony you want but at the end of that day all i have to call it is a contract. I shouldn't have to say that what you do is right and you can do it as long as it isn't hurting anybody.
In respose to your 3 ppl married comment if marrige isn't what it has been for the last o.... many thousands of years than who gave you the authority to change things selectivly. here is a diagram
"stereotipical "old" marrige"
-between man a woman
-involves 2 ppl
=======magicaly transform this into "all purpose marrige"======
-between man and a man or a woman and a woman. or man and woman
-involves 2 ppl <----(that part didn't change)
IF you reject the idea of what marrige was you can't simply change one part and expect that every one will agree on the rest. If three ppl love each other who are you to tell them that they cant get married???? can three ppl not love eachother???? If i went wrong here plz tell me exactly where.
--three ppl can love eachother
--three ppl married together wont hurt anybody
--ppl=ppl and if ppl can get married why cant ppl(s) get married????
and dont you go saying that polygamy is wrong and that gay marrige is right who gave you the authority to decide for every one else????

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