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Default same sex unions, perspective

as we all should know, with out contrast there is no color(difference)

so I am conservative so keep that in mind.
let me try to sum up the argument for, (liberal)
-all people are = (the declaration of Indipendence called it a self evident truth)
-gays are people
-gays being married hurts no one
-only leting straits be married is therefore wrong

In contrast it could be argued
-Gay people can't have children and therefore dont need the protection of the law
-marrige is the basic social fabric of our society, to "tear" that would hurt america
-The state saying that marrige between gays is "right" will pervert children into thinking that it is the normal thing to be.

Me personaly I think that if you want to be for Gay marrige you need to think about how you fall on a related issue that is not discussed or contravercial whatsoever, that is if a person is a person and getting married to a person doesn't hurt any one than to be tyruely equal one would also have to say that it is possible for 3 people to all love eachother. so you would have to let anybody who wanted to get married to multiple people be able to do so.

any comments (respectfull) are apreciated

and one last request dont say gay amrrige is "illegal" because you are misusing the term. It is not recognized by the law. If you claim to be married to some one of your smae sex that doesn't make you an out law.
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