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Default Re: Installing a SATA hard drive on xp...

Ok, first, let's check if it's the hardware rather than the software. Boot up into CMOS Setup and look in all the options to see if the drive is recognized. If it's not, that little 7-pin cable might not be in the right controller (maybe in one that's only used for RAID). Also, check to see if you are giving it power correctly. Most SATA drives will offer the new SATA power connection (not really new, but you know) and the legacy (molex) power connection. If both are offered, and your PSU has a connection for the SATA power, only use that connection. If your PSU doesn't have the SATA connector, use the molex. In any case, do not use both. I expect you to know this already, but threads like this are very good study cases for other users

Oh yes, if the SATA drive is showing up in the CMOS Setup, then it's software related. In this case, make sure the drivers are properly loaded onto the floppy disk you are using. Also, if any instructions come with the drivers, read them.

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