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Default Re: What the hell happened?

WOW man, I actually read that entire thing and while reading it I pictured myself and heather doing that, like breaking up, and i just felt really really lucky that I have a good life and a good girl to keep my company. I pretty much have an idea of what your life is like, even though im a real likable person and have always had friends, but I picture situations, and act them out in my head all the time, and i can see what you go through.. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with all this, but I hope you the best, and just wish you don't choose anything stupid like suicide or any of that shit. I guess just wait till High-School (I dont think your in it yet) and there you will meet friends for sure, there are lots of different people in highschool that you can relate to, thats why i cant wait till highschool because Elementary school only comes with limited people that you may not have anythng in common with, and it's just really boring hanging out with them. Anyways lol thats a whole entire different topic, but I got MSN if you wanna talk about anything, or you can PM me or email me, [email protected] (Also my MSN address) so again if you need to talk about anything im on the computer quite frequently and would love to help you through all of this. Good Luck

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