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Default Re: **** Censorship!

i havent read everything here... but just wanted to say that i disagree with most censorships...
violence: i dont really care about it, i know its a movie, and that i am in the real world... it can happen to me, and i wont make the same thing the movie guy did (since they always do stupid stuff) and ill be more smart, and will try to trick the voilator...
sex: haha... this is funny... im reading "da vincis code" and in one part, langdon ask sophie what she was her grandpa doing.. then they start talking about this "sexual rite" called hieros gamos... in the ancient world (i mean, like aciently) sex wasnt like we see it nowdays... nowdays the women are treated really bad... mainly because history "says" that because of them worst of the things happened to us, such as being in a world like this... if eva (apparently) didnt take the apple, like god said, we wouldnt be here, but we would be in a paradise... but apparently was the church that changed all this, since jesus told maria magdalenna to take care of the church... this would have ruined the world, and the church and constantine changed history, like to say, and since that women are not what they actually are. before all this, all women were almost goddesses, because doing sex, men could see god, in what we now call orgasm... so men could go to churches to do sex with the women that would take care of it (huh... dont know the name in english...) because thru them they could see god, and more than a pleasure thing, like today, it was more something spiritual... i dont remember the reason, but the church changed all this, by saying that sex was something nasty, and should not be done... this book has kinda changed my way of seeing some things. anyways, i dont agree with sex censorship

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