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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Do you go from door to door waking everyone up and trying to convert them to your religion?

no i dont go door to door and a true witness should not try and convert you (but in every religion you will have a crazy person or two) that doesnt make them all crazy but what a witness should do is just explain their religion to you and invite you to go to kingdom hall if you would wish to if not then and you have to tell them is that but thats not to say that you havent got a really annoying one on your door step that has tried to convert you thats not what they are supose to do!

You don't, since religion is based merely on blind faith; not proof. That doesn't mean you can't believe it though.
we all have blind faith in something like morals where is the proof that the morals you have are the right ones to have? where does it say anywhere that those are the right morals? and im trying to come up with proof that my morals are right but i cant think of proof i just know because they feel like the right ones to have therefore all people have blind faith in their morals.

I second this. To often has this point been brought up.
and your right people are to stuborn and mean to understand that a person is still a person. me on the other hand i like these discussions im not sure why but i do, and no one side will ever win because science defies God and God defies science.
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