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Default Re: How to reformat a Dell

You do realise that by reformatting you'll blank everything? OK, I'll tell you how. Does the recovery disk contain a full version of Windows? If so put it in and reinstall. If you can't boot from the CD then go into BIOS or Setup or whatever Dell calls it. You should probably be able to do thish by pressing F2 or DEL during startup. Once there look for "Boot" or "Boot options" and change the first boot device to CD-ROM. Then just boot into the Windows installer and select "New installation" then delete the old partition.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE RIGHT DRIVERS FOR YOUR COMPUTER OR IT MAY NOT WORK. Without drivers you may not have working sound or 3D accelaration.

If this fucks up your computer then don't blame me. I warned ya'!

Good luck!

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