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Originally Posted by -You.Suck.I.Rule-
No, but what I meant (but didn't point out...) is that even though parents should teach their kids those things, when those things are never allowed in the media it portrays to kids who don't know that those things are bad. Therefore, kids are afraid to ask their parents if their parents are the kind that wait till a certain age for their kids to ask, and if they havent, then they say themselves. Usually it is too late, though, and by the time the parents step in, the kids are already having sex, contracting STD's and getting pregnant. Now, I'm not saying that a parent should plop their 5-year-old down in front of a graphic video where their's buttfucking or XXX material, but I do think that keeping it to where publishing companies could get in trouble if they print a children's book about Adam and Eve where one of Eve's breasts aren't covered by a fig leaf is a little too much.

Sure, parents should take the initiative. But, sometimes they don't, and if a child was able to see something along the lines of something they should ask their parent about then maybe there would be less cases of the 14 year old girl in my old school, imo.
I disagree. It's the parents problem if they don't explain sex to children. It's not the medias responsibility to teach it to them. Most likely the child isnt going to even understand what they mean or talk about in the tv show or movie anyways.

It's not that you have to wait one age to explain everything. You give it to them in doses that they can understand.

That girl's parents lied to her. That may have been the reason for her early sex, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out that it's not because of the media censorship. The media isnt responsible for educating sex. It's the responsibility of the parent. A responsibility that they inherited when they chose to have a child, wether planned or not.
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