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Originally Posted by world_king View Post
i beleive in the jehovah's witnesses teachings
Do you go from door to door waking everyone up and trying to convert them to your religion?

Originally Posted by world_king View Post
um i think i can answer one of your question with weird enough a buddhist story that i really like! how does a person know their relegion is right?
You don't, since religion is based merely on blind faith; not proof. That doesn't mean you can't believe it though.

Originally Posted by Deschain View Post
If everybody believed that all views are equally valid and that we shouldn't argue and just accept that each person has their own beliefs, we wouldn't have a debate forum, now would we?
I second this. To often has this point been brought up.

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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