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Default Re: What the hell happened?

Dude, I'm so sorry for you. You've helped me out with my problem, now I'm gonna try to help you out with yours. Believe me, I know what it's like to feel rejected and out of hope... I've gone for two years being rejected by girls, and then the whole thing on the cruise happened to me, and it made me feel a thousand times worse about myself. I'll tell you, they day after I let her go without saying anything, I felt like giving up. I didn't want to eat, sleep, or do anything. There's always something there to pull you through, though. For me there were two things. Music, and hope. After the whole thing happened to me, songs just started screaming to me to hold on. Every line of every song began to mean something to me. Also, there was a piece of paper where I had written everything I knew about her the day after the cruise ended, incase it could help me find her. I told myself that I would keep that piece of paper as long as I had hope. I still have that piece of paper, and it's almost a month later. I carry it everywhere. It's pretty much the last thing I have. I don't have a very good relationship with my parents, and I only have about five friends, and they don't like me very much either... I know how you feel dude. The only thing I can tell you is to hold on, and never give up. Things will always get better. That's whats been keeping me going, and I hope it helps you too.

And you'll always have friends here at VT.

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said
They said come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

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