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Originally Posted by skier44
well if this doesnt how the hell does anal sex and shoving drum sticks up ur bum
Well, this might be general curiosity. I'm not sure who would want a drumstick up there, but The question of "is anal sex dangerous or pleasurable" is slightly on the sex side, but is a pretty valid question in my opinion.

The dangers of sex or some masturbations (which, anal stimulation of one person is called "anal masturbation") and how to prevent them are pretty important, in order to prevent anybody from getting harmed Of course, that is just my opinion. About this thread, it still might be general curiosity. I do listen to some music while masturbating, and it has a steady beat. Sometimes it even helps enrich the pleasure, or change it.

I kind of like the idea of this topic, but where would it go otherwise?
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