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i beleive in the jehovah's witnesses teachings but i play chess! um i think i can answer one of your question with weird enough a buddhist story that i really like! how does a person know their relegion is right?

The disciples were absorbed in a discussion of Lao-tzu's dictum:
"Those who know, do not say;
Those who say, do not know."
...When the master entered,
they asked him what the words meant.
Said the master, "Which of you knows the fragrance of a rose?"
All of them indicated that they knew.
Then he said, "Put it into words."
All of them were silent.

i think that as long as you live your life to the best and it says in the bible God will judge you upon your heart not your actions you stand a chance of being resurected into his kingdom on earth!
and to those who beleive in god yet hate those who do not share the same beleif as u here is another buddhist saying that i like!

If you live the sacred and despise the ordinary,
you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion.
Zen Master Lin-Chi

you know the buddhist are verry wise people!
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