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Originally Posted by GameFreak
i think anal sex is more pleasurable for women because its right next to the vagina and with a thin wall betwwen the anus and vagina, yeah they might find it more pleasurable.
Actually, men have a prostate glad that is the size of a walnut a couple of inches up the rectum. The prostate produces the semen for the sperm to travel in, and if simulated it can give much pleasure. For more information, I suggest looking up something on wikipedia

Originally Posted by mr_smite1
When people have anal sex, is it plesaurable? Also it it dangerous? And would it b ok 2 try it, with a drumstick? Thanks
A drumstick isn't a good idea in the first place, I'd rather eat the drumstick It's more sencible to stick your clipped finger or a penis inside, rather than any food as some foods may get stuck in the rectum, which may cause a number of problems.

It can be pleasurable for both men and women. It has the same risks for HIV or STDs/STIs as vaginal sex (sex between a man and a woman). So, it's as dangerous probably as any form of sex.
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