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Default Re: **** Censorship!

Originally Posted by -You.Suck.I.Rule-
For example, in 7th grade I met a girl, who was 14, and she did not know what sex was. She thought that the parents sent a letter to the stork on what kind of baby they wanted and the stork delivered it to the doorstep. I'm not joking. She really believed this. Turns out, due to her naivety, she had sex, but did not know what it was. She's 16 now and she has a kid. Why? Because she didn't know what she was doing. I guess she knows now.
Whoah. And this girl was just plain naive, right? Because I really can't see how a kid wouldn't know what sex is when they're 14. It sounds impossible by today's standards.

I think that kids need to be exposed to nudity from a very early age so they'll be more mature about it when they're teenagers, and find no shame in it, which can be bad, trust me. And at the age of 10 is when parents should teach their kids about sex. Maybe let them watch movies/T.V. shows containing sex, but with supervision and a good talk about sexual responsibility.

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