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Originally Posted by mr_smite1
But would a man find it pleasurable at all?
Both men and women have something far up inside the anal gland called the 'g-spot'. It's kinda hard, and about the size of a small walnut. If you can successfully reach the g-spot, it is like pressing an orgasm button. But I wouldn't advise using a drumstick to try and find it. Only because you can't fit a condom over it, and the key to having fun playing around with your anal gland- and to keep it fun, is to keep whatever you put up there as sterile as possible. I cannot emphasise onto you know importaint it is to keep it that way, because one tear in the gland, and you're toast- in the sence that you'll have to go to a doctor, explain how that tear got there. And I don't think that would be too comfortable for anyone. Mentally, and physically.

anyways.. I hope this helped. Have fun exploring

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