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Default Re: **** Censorship!

Well agreed.... violance has bee around for a long long long time.... but so has sex.... like kids movies show life and death.... such as lion king.... but heres the thing.... people give sex in movies an R rating or a PG13 rating if they REALLY fight it.... like titanic... Movies are aloud to say Fuck once in a movie to get a PG13 rating.... if they say it twice... its an R. The reason why they give these movies R (cant see it unless you are 17+) is because they dont want kinds starting at young ages learning about sexual things. Our hormones already are kicking in but showing us sexual movies just tempts kids.... and when u are 17 like me.... u can see them w.o a parent.... but i feel i have also matured since i was 13-16. If i started being sexually active since i was 13.... i wouldnt have cared that one slip up means the chance of being pregnant... now... i am very serious with that risk.... and take things seriously... so i feel now that i am 17. I have matured a lot. As for swearing... it is impolite and improper... would u say fuck infront of your grandparents? No... because it isnt polite... but we still use it today... why? because we feel its a cool filler word to make the sentance better.... call it... a Sentance enhanser if u will... but its only talking bad about something... such as, its a piece of shit (talking bad), Fucking a (talking bad), Bastard (talking bad, theres no swear word talking good about someone... unless u use it like.... Shit u look good.... but thats a dif story.... thats just using a swear word as a filler word.... so its not nice in sociaty... and most adults can control their swears... but most kids cant... they slip now and then.... which is why they dont want kids learning the F word in movies

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