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Default Re: **** Censorship!

Yeah, the F.C.C. should be worrying more about violence. I know how they get mad about profanity and stuff, but the main thing that ticks me off about censoring profanity is in the word "asshole", how they let the word "ass" be totally heard but censor "hole". That makes no sense!!

It'd be better if America had censorship laws like Europe's, in which they let nudity slide more than violence.

And people should be allowed to choose what offends them. Instead of totally censoring things, there should be warnings like "The following program contains mild/strong profanity, nudity, and mild/strong sexual content" and let the people who don't want to see that stuff just tune out and watch something else. The dumb F.C.C. is censoring the media, which is kind of unAmerican. And Corky Stanton once said "Sure, people are going to be offended by nude sunbathers, but if you never come across anything offensive, you know you're not living in a free country." Of course one could replace the phrase "nude sunbathers" with anything else. But you get the idea.

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