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Default **** Censorship!

Censorship in the American media is part of a growing problem of government control. Not only is the fact that you aren't allow to choose what you see disturbing, but I am very perturbed by the FCC's priorities and the rating system.
A movie is more likely to get an R rating for sex, profanity, or nudity than it is for violence. Nobody was ever hurt by fuck, shit, bitch, or dick. Violence can be very harmful psychologically to younger children, even teenagers. Sex is one of the most natural things on earth, the discussion of it will even put a movie or tv show's rating up, and let's not forget about nudity,(please don't turn this into a debate on this subject in normal every day life) is it not harmful for children to know what an ant looks like better than a human? A child will grow up thinking their body is dirty and wrong. People should be allowed to choose what they view in the media, regardless of what the government prudes think. This country is supposed to be based on freedom, but something as simple as television is censored beyond belief.
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