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Unhappy STD

I wasn't sure where to put this. I'll explain my situation then tell you why I chose relationships.

For those who read my last post "Screwed" You are all aware that my family knows that my boyfriend and I have had sex. I can't remember if I mentioned going to Planned Parenthood or not but I did... and I got a call from them two days ago to tell me that I have HPV (Human Paploma Virus) It scared the living shit out of me. But I got an appointment to go in and talk to them and they explained that 6.2 million people are diagnosed every year... in other words... it's very common. What scares me is that this can develop into cancer although that's very rare. Another thing that scared me about finding out that I have this is what my boyfriend would do (as in: Would he break up with me). When I expressed my concerns he once again reminded me that no matter what happened we are working through it all and I was stuck with him forever Which of course lifted my spirits. I guess the reason I posted this was to get it off my chest. The only other people that know are my closest friends (3 people), my mom, my boyfriend, and my boyfirends mom. I don't even know why I posted this... I guess maybe to get advice or something... I don't know... I don't know much about HPV so if anyone does I would appreciate the help.

Oh and the reason I decided to place this in relationships is because it IS an STD in which you catch through sex in which you have with your partner which normally means your dating so I don't know... that's my wierd way of looking at it.

Anyways... thanks for your time.

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