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Originally Posted by Octo22
well at that age we don't comprehend pain. So really we wouldn't have felt anything.
No, I don't think that's it. See, we still do feel the pain at age three, heck everybody does because it's a very important instinct, but also at age thirty we've felt alot of this and can control ourselfs more. When you're three you cry because you're not used to being hurt, and haven't really learned how to deal with it. I used to stub my toe, and I would fall on the floor and grab it But now I just go ouch, since I've learned to control myself and plus I've done it so many times it's not that big of deal. Also, you are more helpless at a younger age than at mine or an adults. That also might be an instinct.

Originally Posted by mrojas2000
i would not like to get circumsized (spell??)...

Mr_smite, sorry for that. It sounds like you're taking it well, though

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