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Default Re: Songs or lyrics that make you cry

I haven't really cried to music, but I do know allot about depressing and dark music from all types of genres. If you know me, you know that I know lots and lots of music. So of course I know what I'm talking about. Here kids, we will talk about SADCORE.

Elliott Smith: is the king of this genre. I don't think he has one happy song. He grew up in a heavily religious family, was molested by his father, and fell into a huge drug habit. He's been universally acclaimed by some of his albums. Unfortunately, he killed himself. Ex 1 and Ex 2.. I do feel a strange connection when I listen to his music and even though I never met him in real life and it was his decision, I wish he didn't off himself and would of gotten help.

Otep: Queen of it. She's known for taking metal to places that haven't been explored and her levels of getting down right personal. Otep and Strapping Young Lad have to be the two most angry metal bands ever. She had a real bad childhood due to sexual abuse by her religious father. She made her music as a way to speak out her troubles. Ex 1

Gregor Samsa: Post Rock with very slow, epic, but dark complexity. Ex 1

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton: Her solo project from metric is very dark with mainly her and a piano. Lyrical, it hits hard and could bring people tears. I do warn that she can be "triggering". Ex 1, Ex 2 With Music Video.

Nine Inch Nails: isn't that depressing, but trent do have some dark points. The whole "Downward Spiral" album was about a drug addict and his life getting worse, then ending it in suicide. Also, The Fragile was mainly written about his grandmother's death who mainly raised Trent Reznor as a kid. Ex 1, Ex 2, Ex 3, and of course Hurt
Then there's this. There's personal reasons to why this song is very powerful to me, while others might not understand. Mainly due to the lyrics makes me think allot about people I know who aren't alive anymore and people I miss.

Cage: Rapper who talks allot about child abuse and topics on that line. from wikipedia - Palko was born in Würzburg, Germany to American parents. His father, Bill Murray, was stationed on a West German military base as a member of the military police. Palko lived there until the age of four when Murray was dishonorably discharged for selling and using heroin, and the family was sent back to the United States where they lived in Middletown, New York. Murray would often force Palko to pull homemade tourniquets around his arm as he injected heroin. At the age of eight, Palko's father was arrested during a standoff with state troopers after threatening his family with a shotgun. By the time Palko was kicked out of high school, his mother had remarried twice, and he was beaten by his stepfather. Palko began using LSD, mescaline, cannabis and alcohol, and was sent to live with his uncle on a German military base, where he was beaten and sent home after a year.
Palko was arrested several times for drug possession and fighting in the streets. When he faced jail time for violating probation, his mother convinced the judge that he was mentally unstable, and he was sent to the Stoney Lodge psychiatric hospital for a two week evaluation. He eventually ended up staying in the hospital for eighteen months, where he was a part of a small group used to test fluoxetine. After being misdiagnosed and placed on the drug, he became suicidal and made several attempts to kill himself, including hanging himself with his shoelaces and saving his lithium dose for a month before ingesting all of them at once. He was illegally restrained over twenty times for periods of up to thirteen hours at a time by straitjacket and ten point bed restraints. Ex 1 and Ex 2.

Will post more if people enjoy the followings.

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