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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide


Why is your Desktop image that small? Did you resized it?
No. I use a 800x600 size, and not only that, but I also used the monitor to reduce its size as well. So, virtually on 800x600, but in reality it is somewhere 500x300 pixel-like in appearance.

Why do you have the same desktop icons... ?

I love Blue; kill me.

You use Winamp and Classic media player the same tme!?

I love cmp because it is feasible, fast and stuff. Winamp is for music.

Why do you have that counter strike icon and not any decent games?

Ask that to my processor, RAM, and my gfx Card.

You know that Icons burns away processor power and ram, why do you have them?

It is a toll, I need to navigate quickly; time is precious. Hope you understand.

Why do you have command prompt as an Icon!?

Learning DOS, it gives me that nostalgia. It is old and stuff, but it is a powerful tool. It is like a second computer.

What OS is that?

Windows XP sp2.

Why did you make this faq? Nobody is fucking asking you questions!

I love making faqs. Plus, this is to clarify things.
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