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Default Re: I Rele Want A Diary

Originally Posted by Kiros72
What do you suppose this means?

I might be interpreting this incorrectly, but I believe if you have a shared diary, then you still own it. If you already own a diary, you cannot own another diary under what you have requested.

Again, I might not have got this right, so it's not official until another admin confirms that. But besides, if you already have a member forum, then why get another? Use what you already have
Matt is an exclusive owner who does not own other diaries, meaning that he only owns one (The Hangout*~). Every diary must have at least one person who does not own other diaries.

Exclusive ownership is here to prevent people from monopolizing slots. It's easy to prevent new ones now, but we still have to go through the existing ones (or existing ownerships may be grandfathered in. We'll discuss current situations, but at least, all new diaries must follow this). Sorry, Matt.

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Sorry beg your pardon there

But I don't remember where that is listed. Is it in the Stickys of this forum, or the FAQ? I've read both at least 2 times over
Info about diaries in Diary HQ.


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