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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Where did my readers go??

At the first sound of tires, I froze, my heart pounding, my breath coming in short bursts. Thinking quickly as she always does, Iris pulled us into the sewer. A smart move in the sense that we were hidden, yet a not so smart move, because if they found us, there would be no familiar route to take.
See, for some really strange reason, I was thinking REALLY logically.
So I followed Iris and Shamus down into the rat-infested sewers.
And they found us. One of them dropped a grenade in. I know what you're thinking. I should've like…imagined us somewhere else, or a shield around us, or a huge wall in front of us. But it's not something I can do on the spur of the moment very well, and there wasn't much time.
The mini-bomb exploded, sending us careening in different directions. Iris and I fell in the murky, green water, crashing into each other, knocking the breath out of me, causing me to inhale the vile smelling (and tasting) liquid. But I didn't have time to spit the water out and grimace. The henchmen dudes were on us in an instant. Three went for Shamus, three for Iris, and, yup, you guessed it, three for me.
I heard them whispering.
"She's the one who killed the Doctors!"
I could feel glares of fear sent in my direction and the bravest of the three of them stepped forward.
"Listen to me. I'm not going back with you. I'll kill you all, all of you working for Vollmer if you even TRY to take us-," at this point, a sword materialized in my hands. They took a step back, "that's a promise."
My voice was deathly even. Surprisingly enough, they backed off. I had a reputation to use, and I was going to use it to the full of my ability.

Splashing more mucky sewage water on my trousers, I ran/waded through the dark tunnels, following the foreboding sounds of a swordfight. I heard a muffled moan. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Maybe one of the henchmen that came down were a henchwoman.
Bolting around the corner, I skidded to a halt, rubbing up against some fungus against the wall, my eyes beholding the fight. Iris had kicked one in the chest as he lunged at her with a Katana sword. Ro, whether conjuring it up with her imagination power or stealing it from the henchman who was already down, was wielding a sword herself, slashing madly at a big, beefy, hairy wahoo henchman.
Iris’s opponent threw himself up and nearly hit Iris in the face with his sword. I angrily pulled the sword out of his hand, bringing it into mine. “Hey!” I called. Ro stole a glance at me, rolling her eyes, but I detected a hint of relief.
Then I tried something that can only be accomplished by professionals or in movies. I lopped the sword in one guy’s direction. It landed with a kerplunk two feet short of him. Laughing, he picked it up, walking towards me. I stumbled back, and, quite inappropriately, fell over. “Ro, Iris!” I pleaded. He was nearly right on top of me.
I didn’t totally see what happened next, for I had hid my eyes. All I heard was something crash into the ceiling, and hit the ground. I peeked out from my hands to see Iris on top of the henchman, a sword held to his throat. Ro, for some reason, was standing over a bunch of shattered glass.
“Kill him!” I said.
“Shamus, don’t be stupid.” Ro waded briskly over to me, pulling me up. As she wiped her hands on her clothes, like I was filthy before I entered the sewer, she added, “Don’t you get it? We bribe him with his life into telling us how to get to Vollmer’s H.Q.”

I walked away from Shamus and stood over the henchman. Iris had done a nice of keeping him done. Now, he was on his back, breathing hard. He didn't look scared, or worried. He looked tough, actually. I looked at him.
"You know who I am, right?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Of course I know who you are," he replied, enunciating his words perfectly. He had a slight accent, but I couldn't place it. I was never good with accents.
"Then you'll realize that I'll have no problem kill you." A rock materialized above his head from my brain. A big rock. His eyes widened slightly, but he remained calm.
"I do not believe you will kill me," he said, staring straight at me. His eyes were a milky white, and I was taken aback at the fact that he was blind.
"You are surprised?" he chuckled, "most are. I can see you, do not worry. Not in the way you would think, Rowina, but I can see."
I stared at him for a moment or two, watched him look up at the rock. Straight at the rock. Out of the corner of my eye, I brought a hand revolver to life in front of Shamus. He grabbed it and pointed it at the blind henchman. How weird is that, a blind henchman?
"I do not believe you are going to shoot me," the blind guy said, not looking away, "Yes, I can see all that goes on around me. Like I have stated, I can see, but not like you. My name is Ceil. I have come to help you. I am what they call a traitor. I am with Vollmer, and yet I help you."

“Bull,” I muttered, holding the pistol steady.
“No, I swear,” Ceil continued. “I will show you Vollmer’s headquarters. I want to join the Dumaniz. I came with those henchman today so I could let them be destroyed first, and then I could reveal myself to you. I have been secretly supporting the Dumaniz for two years now, giving Vollmer false information, snooping around the labs… I even helped a Dumaniz escape once!”
“Who?” questioned Iris.
“Rip!” I scoffed.
“Well, thanks,” I said sarcastically. “You freed him so he could then just betray the rest of the Dumaniz?”
Ceil coughed. Iris was probably starting to make him uncomfortable. “Rip is not the man you think he is. He is honest and his intentions are good for the Dumaniz.”
Ro muttered, “The road to Hell…” and Iris smirked.

As crazy as I might sound here, I was kinda leaning in Ceil's direction. I…I almost believed him. I know, right?
"I think we should trust him. I mean, we've got these super powers and everything. If he's not who we think he is, then we'll kill him later," I said.
I could see a look of disbelief cross Shamus' face.
"What, you want us to trust him? I thought you wanted to live long enough to see everyone else out!" he said. I scowled.
"I do, but while I was escaping, I wasn't necessarily worried about where the hell the place was! If he knows where it is, he can take us there. If he doesn't, we'll kill him," I retorted.
"And what if he doesn't take us there? What if he delivers us into a trap, and we die?" Shamus asked angrily.
"Listen, you guys, I have an idea," Iris intervened. We both shut up and turned to her. She still held the sword to Ceil's neck, but she closed her eyes, looking placid. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I had a hunch that she was reading this guy's mind. I'd almost forgotten she could do that.
A couple minutes of absolute silence later, she opened her eyes and nodded.
"We can trust him."
She removed the sword and I threw the rock into the water. Ceil stood up, brushing his clothing off (yeah, like that'd help). Shamus tightened his hold on the revolver and I shot him a disgusted look, making the gun disappear.
"Oh, real safe, Ro! Now, we're defenseless!"
"Aren't you the one who can endure any form of pain? Live with it, wimp," I said, turning to Ceil, "And now let's go. I wanna get there before nightfall."
"I will try my hardest to do that," Ceil said, climbing up the ladder.

I pushed followed Ceil up, swatting his shoe as it dangled in front of my face. I was really uncomfortable with him now that Ro had vanished my revolver. She should have just let me keep it. I might have needed it later. And being the loquacious chap I am, I voiced my opinions to Ro.
“Oh, shut up, you might have shot Ceil,” she said, rolling her eyes.
“Well, maybe it would have been a good idea to let him keep the gun, it might have come in handy,” Iris pointed out. Ha ha, Ro, I thought. I didn’t know if Ro was just being a stupid, stubborn, arrogant jerk to me or if she was just to dumb to think how logically I can. Hey, I’m not trying to brag. I did beat Ro in the seventh grade chess tournament.
“Well, maybe,” said Ro. We all stole a glance at Ceil. He was sitting against a wall, his unseeing, or maybe specially-seeing, eyes darting around with an inhuman speed. “I could just imagine up another revolver for him, later.”
I paused. “It’s later now, gimme a gun.”
Ro shot me a “Fark off and die” look. I replied with a cute, sweet grin.

Under normal circumstances, I would’ve tried to punch him, but as much as we hate each other, I had to work with him. And sure, he beat me in the Seventh Grade Chess Tournament, but whatever. I did kick his sorry arse in grades 4th-6th, and 8th. So…I rule.
But I was not about to give him a gun in front of someone he didn’t trust. No way. I wouldn’t give MYSELF a gun in front of someone I didn’t trust.
“C’mon, let’s get going. We still need to find Fin,” Iris said. Oh. I’d almost forgotten about him. I mean, could you blame me? We’d almost been killed (again), and when something like that happens, other stuff doesn’t seem to be as high on your immediate to-do list.
“I could seriously do with some new clothing,” Shamus muttered. That was something I had to agree with.
“Alright…um, should I take orders? Or just replace what everyone was wearing?” I asked. Shamus looked like he was about to say something, but was interrupted by Ceil.
“You may want to create something that will help us blend,” he suggested.
“Yeah, ok, that’d work. So…rags then?” I asked half sarcastically.
“Basically. A little more than that, though,” Iris said. I nodded and closed my eyes, ready to change our clothing. I brought an imagine into my head—
--and realized I had never see anyone besides the Dumaniz, Vollmer’s lads, and the bum.
“Ok, someone’s gonna need to help me,” I said, looking around, “I need either a picture or a really vivid description.”
“Here, allow me. Just relax, and I will help you,” Ceil said. I nodded slowly and closed my eyes, relaxing as much as I could without falling over. I felt an image form in my mind, felt my arms rise, but I was not thinking or moving. I tried to pull back, but I was pushed back into it. I didn’t like that. A person playing with your mind was not something to look forward to. I fought it, and eventually, a couple minutes later, I opened my eyes. Everyone was dressed in drab, colorless clothing. It looked like something you’d wear in the Middle Ages—no color because of no dye.
“Did I seriously do that?” I asked, breathing heavily for some reason.
“Yes and no. You see, I helped you along the way,” Ceil said. Shamus narrowed his eyes.
“What? How?” I asked.
“You see, one of my powers is sight, because I am blind. But the second lies with the controlling the will of men. If I wanted to, I could force you to make something you did not want to. It is a dark gift, but I wield it with honor,” he explained.
“See that! Do you see? He could make us all commit suicide! Make us jump off cliffs, or hand ourselves to Vollmer!” Shamus exclaimed.
I massaged my temples and waved it off.
“I trust him, and as long as you and I are traveling together, you will to. It’s either that, or we take a stab at it in the dark and guess where Vollmer’s base is. Do you think you can do that?”

…Not to mention that I also totally took Ro out at the spelling bee in fifth and sixth grade. She messed up on “necessary!” How dumb could you have to be…
No, but seriously, it was so weird that I was the only one who cared that we were cajoling around with someone who could control our minds. Not even Iris would back me up. Sometimes I wondered if Iris and Ro talked bad about me behind my back. Not that it would surprise me even if Ro attempted to kill me, ‘cause you know I’d do the same, but Iris seemed nice… but it also seemed like she was hiding something from me. Like something she thought about me, and she wanted to blurt it out but was keeping it a secret.
Now the grey-clothed bunch of us were strolling around, surrounded by identical industrial-ish buildings. I looked at Ro, then at Iris, then at Ceil who seemed to be muttering… Iris was rubbing her temples at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.
“Ceil!” I heroically shoved him in the chest. “Lay off of Iris, her mind doesn’t need to be…” I nearly said ‘raped,’ but I finished my threat with “…intruded!”
Ro rolled her eyes, groaning. Ceil stared at me, which was odd, ‘cause you know, he’s blind, and then he said, “Shamus, if I were intruding on Iris’ mind, I would have instructed her to slice your throat wide open. Is Iris standing over your lifeless corpse with a knife or a sharp piece of metal in her hand?” Damn, this blind weirdo was smooth.
I blushed. “You were… muttering,” I countered lamely. “You could have been… I don’t know, talking into some hidden transmitter to your friends at Vollmer’s place.”
Suddenly Iris cut in. “I think we should camp here for the night.” Ro looked a bit questionable. Hello? Her ugly face seemed to say, taut around her already-wrinkly mouth. We’re in a farking ally!

I was 11, Shamus. I didn’t read the DICTIONARY! Besides…I beat him in the 7th grade four-square tournament. Actually, I’ve beaten him in every sport he’s ever played. How about that?
“Erm…Iris, I hate to break it to you, but we’re in an alley,” I said. What was she, crazy? She sighed. I think the tension might’ve even been getting to her.
“I’m not crazy, and I know we’re in an alley. But if we get out on the streets, chances are we’ll be killed. And we don’t want that,” she said. I winced. I’d forgotten she could read minds.
“Sorry about that. But I mean, Vollmer obviously knows where we are. Maybe we should split up. That way, we won’t all be captured,” I suggested.
“That is the most idiotic idea I have ever heard! How are we going to know if the other group is captured?” Shamus blurted.
“Actually, Ro’s got a point,” Iris said. Ceil nodded in agreement.
“Yes, but who will go with whom?” he asked.
“That’s easy. I’ll go with Iris, and you and Ro can go…somewhere together, so if you need to kill someone, you can kill Ro!” Shamus said.
“Shamus, no. I think you and Iris should go together. That way, maybe you’ll learn to work together through something.”
I blinked. I was a little surprised she didn’t want to go with Shamus (I could tell she had a crush on him, and he was OBSESSED with her), but she was doing this for the good of the Dumaniz. Good for her.
This couldn’t be good.

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