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Default Re: Im back! heres the problem I had!

Was your emachine one of those older ones? Like, from 2000 or 2001? My dad and I both had one. I hated them. Can't fit anything into them, and mine only had a 120watt PSU.

Plugging the Monitor into the Serial port? That's not good.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
This motherboard was sooo good, but it only had a 9 pin serial
You mean, It was so good THAT is didn't have a built in Video card? Those are crap. At least, some of them. My dad's new eMachine has an integrated Nvidia card in it, which can use either 64 or 128 meg of ram, and it works nicely. His old one had a builtin Intel based card, which was still 64 meg, but it acted like an old PCI 1 meg video card. That shows you that Intel has no business making video cards.

I got away from Integrated Video cards as fast as I could. I like my Ati All-in-Wonder 9200 right now. 128meg of ram. TV, etc.

What do you mean it always crashed? Like, trying to load setup? Or, what? Did you try to take your old HDD out of your eMachine and install it into the new one without reinstalling Windows? Win2000 and XP will not work that way. One of the main problems is if the HDD controllers are different. That makes it go crazy. Blue screens on startup, if it gets that far.

When I got my newest computer, I pulled my 40GB drive out of my old one, and formatted it, and jammed the XP cd into the CDROM. Booted it, and entered setup. But, it always kept giving me problems with mounting things, I think it was. Eventually I found out that the CD drive that was in it wasn't good. It would read so far, then start currupting the data. I replaced the drive, and it installed perfectly.

What kind of computer did you get? Was it just a new motherboard, or new CPU and other things?

Right now, I've got a:

ATI Radeon All-in-wonder 9200
768Meg of PC600 RDRAM (strange memory)
2x40GB drives, and a 4GB SCSI
1 CDRW, and one DVD drive.
Windows XP Pro SP2.

I need a new computer. I've been working my way that way. I just bought my video card a few months ago. Now, I just need everything else. . I have no room on my 2nd 40GB drive, and once I start going, hardly any on my other 40GB.

Right now, Windows is acting up once in a while, and takes 5 minutes to pass the Welcome screen. But, works fine otherwise, unless you open Nero, then everything starts crashing, and locking.

I'm getting ready to buy a new computer soon. If I can save up enough, I'm going for an Athlon 64. Just like when I set up my network, I had to go with the latest and greatest. My network runs on a Netgear 108Mbps Wireless router, and my Laptop has a 108mbps wireless card. Too bad they came out with the 802.11 PRE N Network cards and routers, atleast with Belkin, right afterwords. Those are supposed to be a LOT better.

Even though I don't really play any computer games, I still put my computer through a lot of stress.

Right now, I've got 64 processes running according to Task Manager. Even though 10 of them are processes forwarding ports, so that doesn't use many resources.

- Bill
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