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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by ItHappensToTheBest View Post
hi im 15 and my penis is like 5 1/2 inches. i have hair like right above my penis and iit only goes up like 2 inches. i shave so its like dark and thick. i dont have hair under my armpits at all. and barly any on my legs. i like to masterbate with soft things like a fuzzy blanket and play with my balls when i do so. i go until have have to cum then stop and repeat. when iim done i ejaculate alot. do is share any similiaritys with anyone or am i shot. lol


5.5" is a good size, that's the adult average so no worries there.

I dont go around measuring the height of guys' pubes but I'm sure you're OK.

Fuzzy blanket/balls, whatever, just do what feels good for you.

When you're done you ejaculate. Um, well yes, that's kind of expected really.
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