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Originally Posted by Kiros72
wow blahages, thats amazing that a school has its own personal proxy server running T1!!! What did they get, like a $10,000 grant??? lol i guess it might be a private school. anyway it goes, the proxy is much more easily managed by using a county proxy so thats what all schools are based on (with the exception of those rich schools ¬.¬ )
I don't know. I'm not sure if were both on the same page. The school has one central server which is called district-proxy, replacing district with the name of the school, which is at the Admin building. Then, all of the schools in the district run back to that building, and the Internet all feeds back to that proxy, which filters out all the crap. They do have each school with filters too, but the main one is there. And, I was told they have T1 lines connected to all the schools, so, they apparently have all of the schools interconnected by T1 lines in someway. I figured most schools had all of their schools networked together. That school's definately not rich. This summer we have to move all of the computer stuff to different schools from two of the schools, because they're closing their admin building, and moving it to one of the elementries, and closing that elementry down for good, and dispursing the kids throughout the district because of money issues. So....

Is that what you were talking about?

My school is all networked together too. I can access the printers/servers/computers, etc from my HS that are in the district. I don't know how their internet or anything is set up though, since they'd probably never tell me.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
Now, as for my school, we use Novel, and I know that they do not log every action, key stroke, and/or event that takes place. And besides, you could easily get around the loggin by using a remote login to the Global Administor account.
You mean, like using a remote console program, or whatever, like Freecon (I think) and sit at one computer, and log on to the remote server? If so, that's what they use where I work. I'm not sure what they use to authorize the access to that though.

And, I'm sure they have some type of password on it. You always seem to make it sound like (in many of the posts I've read about this here) the admin accounts are just passwordless accounts, that you can really easily log into.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
And for that Deep Freeze program, just direct connect to the proxy or server with it installed on it (after you gain the IP of course along with the ports accesible) and terminate processes currently running that look suspicious. then go into the drive where the partition with windows exists and permanently delete and *.sys files that look suspicious, and if youre not sure of it, then just open each one up in a text viewer to see if they support deep freeze in anyway. problem fixed.
What exactly do you mean? Are you saying terminate the program on the Server or the local computer? Because, the program is run locally, through both services and programs. And I think they have something on the servers, but that's not what they use to keep them frozen.

And, you can't terminate a lot of the processes on the computers there. Get access denied on most. And, even if I could, I could sit there all day long terminating processes, and it wouldn't remove the protection on it. That's not how it works. Believe me, I tried it the other day that I installed a trial version of it on. If I remember correctly, it doesn't allow even the admin to terminate the process without using a password to disable it.

Have you been around that program? Here's a like if you want to take a look at it. ( Try downloading the Trial version of the Standard program. That's here: if you have an extra computer you want to try it on. Once you have it installed, and the password enabled, try to disable/remove the program once it's enabled, without using the password. It's pretty difficult. Even if it looks gone, you restart, and any change will be restored to what was there before.

I mean, I know there are ways around it, but it's pretty hard. The only reason I can get around the 9x version is because I was able to get ahold of a program which removes it. But, you cant find that anywhere online.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
Last but not least, it might cause minor alert to the school board, but having a server or a proxy restart is not uncommon when a critical error occurs, so a system error can take the blame for that. If you do restart the server, then make sure that it can connect with a DNS server upon boot, otherwise your screwed until you get it right lol I would also do this around 4 or 5 pm so its after school and not entirely complained about from all the schools within the district.
Yeah, unless they log that too, which they probably do. Stupid school Admins. I bet you could do it easily at my school though.

Around 4-5pm? From school? It'd be kind of suspicious being there. Especially since everyone is gone after around 2:40-3PM, besides some teachers or staff.

When I go to school Tuesday (have Monday off) I'm taking a little program that allows you to end processes. I'll see what's running on the computers, since I can't access the task manager they have in the first place. But, I doubt I'd be able to end any of them, besides the ones I started. I still gotta mess with that program I have which removes that freezing program from 9x and see if it works with NT based versions. I know it wont with NTFS partitions, but it MAY with Fat32. I don't know. I would have tried messing with the stuff more so, if I knew exactly how they run their networks. I don't know anything about how they monitor anything at my school. Only where I work. So, I have browsed around on the server a few times, and you can see where their login scripts and stuff are, but I haven't done much else. I don't know how they'd respond if they caught someone doing anything. They gave me and my friend an hour after school detention once, in 10th grade, for just sending a message via "Winpopup" over the entire network. I didn't even do it. I was just talking to my friend about it, and showed him how to use it, but didn't actually do anything. I even warned him not to send anything. But, he typed like "fndsjfhs" and hit send, and it said something similar to:

"Message receieved at 2:30PM March 5, 2005 from User '<Insert Name>'"

"Message: fndsjfhs"

So, it told everyone who sent it, and everything. Then, of course, they asked him about it, and he mentioned my name, and even though they knew i didn't do anything, I still got the same punishment, because you're not supposed to even open a program that isnt either authorized to use by the school, or isn't school related.

Stupid school policy. That didn't go on my record, but still. It would have if it was something worse or a second offense.

- Bill
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